Below is a list of features I would like to add to the robot:
  • 4 or 6 wheels platform ✔
  • Connect to home WiFi network with Internet access ✔
  • Movement and speed control over http ✔
  • Camera pan and tilt controlled over http ✔
  • Video translation from cameras over http ✔
  • At least 1 hour of operating without recharging ✔
  • Linux based ✔
  • Cameras should be switchable and moving up-down for at least 90 degree ✔
  • Quality of pictures/video should be 15fps for wifi ✔, but should be controlled for 3g mode or pure wifi signals/internet connections
  • Connect to Any available WiFi network with Internet access
  • Onboard 3G modem as a backup internet connection in case of no any WiFi available
  • Water resistant
  • Water proof for 1 meter
  • Audio translation over http
  • Night vision camera pan and tilt translation over http
  • Thermal camera pan and tilt translating over http
  • Two independent “arms” to help climb on stairs and rotate
  • Jumping mechanism allowing to make jumps for up to 1 meter
  • Constructed the way all components are soft attached (ammortisation), so jumps or falls would harm any components
  • Can be rotated upside-down and continue to move
  • On a side of wheels to have “blades” which will help robot to navigate under water
  • Ultrasonic sensor for distance
  • Turning lights and headlight
  • Camera light (led)
  • Infrared sensor for distance
  • Laser sensor for distance
  • Dock station with charging
  • Autonomous parking mode (finding station and charging)
  • Controlling battery levels and switching to autonomous level if level is too low and dock station is in range
  • GPS unit to get idea of the location and send it to owner
  • Security “mode” which in case of movement of some object would send sms/picture
  • Special autonomous mode if there is no wifi connection – trying to find other wifi point for a while (moving) and if none find use internal 3g modem to report location and allow to control
  • Cheap as much as possible

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