I2C sonar and compass are working!

Yesterday got I2C sonar sensor (proximity) and compas (also provide accelerometer data) – all working perfectly fine! So now robot is stopping if any obstruction in front and also knows the location of north pole… also connected GPS module with real-time clock, so now working on showing Google maps module with location and direction, because I know how robot is oriented!

Next step will be to add some leds as a head-light, they will have special auto-on/dimm function, because sonar sensor has also light level module!

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2 Responses to I2C sonar and compass are working!

  1. Stanislav says:

    Hello, mate! I really like your work on that mobile platform! A friend of mine wants me to make him a mobile robot with similar to yours’ functions and i just came across that raspberry thingo. The problem is that i dont have any experience in programming and i wonder if you downloaded your software and codes for the controls and video stream already built up or you’ve written them all by yourself? My friend’s top priority is to control the robot from android device via some app over a wifi network, but if that’s really hard to do we will move on to the browser-controlled concept. I really need your help as i can’t find anybody else doing that kind of communication on a mobile platform and I won’t ever be able to thank you enough for your support 🙂

    • seregus says:


      Thanks for interest!
      Well I’m surfing and digging to find simple ready to go solutions like Motion, used to broadcast Webcam stream or Nginx, used as a web-server, php, I2C drivers and etc.
      But the rest is a combination of finding simple examples to manage all this to work together: Adafruit and some other great blogs over the internet with other examples.
      It’s on my road map to make after all iOS/Android apps to control the robot, but currently it’s too far, because it’s quite a mess at the moment, working, but a mess, hope Websockets will sort out sensors data and new faster control…

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