Update after a long timeout…

I was away for a while and was not able to continue my work on a robot project.

But for a few days got sick and during this time moved a few things forward:

  • connected all cables and elements properly and permanently using 3M picture frame holders and Sugru rubber for fixing, will post some pictures after it will be all finished 😉
  • connected Sharp IR Distance Sensor using instructions taken from here, so now robot will stop if any obstruction is on it’s way
  • upgraded http controls, now it’s famous WASD controls for moving the robot around

Next step is to assemble it all together, make work, present to my office colleagues…

As a goals to archive – stream audio to the web page from the webcam mic and induction charge battery, so I would not need to connect the battery myself, but simply drive the robot over the special “dock station”

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