A few minor changes happened and new battery supply

Well it has been a long time since last time I touched my robot, so a few things happened:

1. I’ve switched the power supply to “NAZTECH PB15000”. It’s huge, but it can supply 1 usb for Raspberry and also give 12V at 5amp output for motors

2. I’ve created a nice webcam pan and tilt web control, which require more optimizations in terms of number of the requests it sends to the robot (some should be skipped basically).


3. I’ve fixed web-cam/wifi dongle lag by “avoiding” fuses for USB ports and now wifi and web-cam are working MUCH MUCH better. You can do the same by following instructions here.

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2 Responses to A few minor changes happened and new battery supply

  1. Mark says:

    I’m very happy I stumbled onto your blog… As I am currently trying to build a balancing robot, and we are using some of the same hardware. I am also using these;
    Anker Astro 3 – 10000mAh
    Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver – I2C interface

    I noticed that you changed your battery, is the any reason why? As I use the Anker Astro to power both Pi and my motors.. however every now and then it seems to not be powerful enough. If I power the Pi only with the Anker and the DC motors using standard AA batteries… all seems to work fine. These are the motors I’m using;

    With the Adafruit PWM Servo driver, I purchased it and then I found out that it couldn’t be used for PWM to drive DC motors. However, you seemed to have found away round this. Are you able to share your code or how you do this?

    Thanks in advance!

    • seregus says:


      I’ve switched to another battery, because my “kit” for platform is from Lynxmotion with 4 DC motors each one is 12V with 2amp peak load, which is not my case, because overall weight of robot is about 1Kg, so it should be around 1 or maybe 1.5 amp, which is causing Astro to be overloaded and shutdown. So in your case this might be or not be a problem.
      As for PWM control of the motors I use two extra boards – one is for Servo motors from Adafruit “12-bit PWM/Servo Driver” and another one is “Sabertooth 2X12 Regenerative Dual Channel Motor Controller” which is controlled by PWM signals from Adafruit module.

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