Battery selected to power up motors and Raspberry PI

I always didn’t like Lynxmotion power supplies, because you need to unplug the battery to charge it and plug it back after, also they are quite big and 6V, which is not suitable for Raspberry PI.

I got iCruiser which have 2 usb outputs, so it could power up raspberry and even USB hub to make sure there is enough power for WiFi and WebCam and other future modules, but not the DC motors, so I continued my search and finally found my solution: Anker Astro 3 – 10000mAh and 2 usb ports and 1 switchable 9/12 volts! Perfect sizing as well, making my robot to be powered for a few hours (I suppose maybe even longer) + I would have a special output wich I can plug to the power socket and charge, with no need to open robot, disconnect cables and so on!

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2 Responses to Battery selected to power up motors and Raspberry PI

  1. Tim says:


    I have bought the same power supply and I am eagerly awaiting it to arrive but I have a question for you. The Astro 3 has a max rating of 2A, and I am going to be driving two motors off this that have a stall current of about 2.5A EACH! So I wonder if you have had any problems powering your motors from this? Do you know how the device behaves when trying to draw more than 2A from it?



    • seregus says:


      You absolutely right, 4×2.5A will make problem for this battery.

      I’ve tested already with 2.5A motors and it will happen in case:
      – you’ll start motors from max speed on a carpet or something which makes them difficult to move robot from zero point and takes them to max power
      – you’ll hit a wall and try to continue to go into the same direction, which as a result will cause motors to use more power

      So I’d recommend to change the motors or look for another battery solutions… I’ve ordered “Naztech PB15000” which is claiming 5A max output, so will keep you updated, it should arrive this week.

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