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Hardware configuration finished!

So, finally! My concept has worked fully! I can move the robot with python commands, see it’s web-cam transmitted over http and of course I can move the robot forward-backward and rotate both directions… of course with the speed control! … Continue reading

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Battery selected to power up motors and Raspberry PI

I always didn’t like Lynxmotion power supplies, because you need to unplug the battery to charge it and plug it back after, also they are quite big and 6V, which is not suitable for Raspberry PI. I got iCruiser which … Continue reading

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PWM Driver module arrived and connected successfully

It took me a while to get the fact I2C is disabled by default at new Raspbian distro, but after enabling it it went perfect, unless I released I don’t have any TIN at home… So final construction day is … Continue reading

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Webcam mounted successfully on a pan and tilt

Well, it’s not a best location, because if robot will rotate, camera will make him stack (it will not be able to move)… but at the moment let’s keep it as it is!

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Servo motors and pan/tilt for webcam

While I’m waiting for PWM extension board to control DC motors and Servo motors of the robot, I’ll assemble the servos and pan/tilt mechanism for webcam. Getting this PWM extension is very huge step, because it will give me the … Continue reading

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Now I have WiFi Webcam streaming!

After getting stack in configuration because of very bad quality hardware I got my Raspberry Streaming Webcam over WiFi at 320×240@10fps. I must say if I watch it from another computer connected to the router using ethernet – it’s real-time, … Continue reading

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Don’t buy cheap hardware!

Well, after a few failed tests with 3 cheap web-cameras, I made it working, but crashing, because of WiFi dongle… well… don’t buy cheap hardware!! So after a while I found this post: Author says he used this combination of … Continue reading

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