Starting point

A few days, actually couple of weeks, ago I decided to buy a robot which will allow me to drive over my house from all around the world. During this two weeks I collect so much information about robots and the current situation, also the robot I would love to have is a quite expensive thing if you want it too be quite featured, like starting point is WiFiBot which is around 2500 euro and there is more telepresence robots like Vgo, which is 10000 USD.

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One Response to Starting point

  1. Hector says:

    Hi there, I am trying to connect it a raspberry pi to a sabertooth 2×25 and I am a bit confused as it appears that the standard gpio will not be able to handle the sabertooth (3.3 V vs 5 V) I see that you got a adafruit board and I was wondering how you managed to connect it and activate I2C in the raspberry. I appreciate any information you can share.

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